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For today's most advanced diagnostic and research reagents for Thrombosis, Hemostasis, and Autoimmunity.

Aniara is the exclusive distributor of HYPHEN BioMed Products in North and South America, Nordic countries, and the Baltic states.

Choose from a superb selection of top quality diagnostic and research kits designed to provide outstanding performance for your laboratory.

HYPHEN BioMed is committed to continuous innovation, offering unsurpassed biological reagent expertise. They aim to be a reliable partner who provides a link between fundamental research and specialized applications to meet any customer or laboratory needs in the field.

2018 HYPHEN BioMed Product/Price Catalog - Hyphen BioMed Product Price Catalog

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Code Name Price  
A12-0102 USP Anti-FXa & Anti-FIIa Assay for LMWH Buffer with PEG, pH 7.4, 1000 mL $59.00
A12-0103 USP Anti-FXa & Anti-FIIa Assay for LMWH Buffer, pH 7.4, 1000 mL $59.00
A12-0104 USP-EP Anti-FXa & Anti-FIIa Assay for LMWH Buffer, pH 8.4, 500 mL $59.00
A12-0105 USP-EP Anti-FXa & Anti-FIIa Assay for LMWH Buffer with BSA, pH 7.4, 1000 mL $75.00
ASC082K-RUO LA Control Plasma Weak $84.00
ASC083K-RUO LA Control Plasma High $100.00
A221005 BIOPHEN ANTI-Xa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) $375.00
A221010-USP BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-Xa (2 stages) - Replaced by A221005 $350.00
A220005 BIOPHEN ANTI-IIa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) $375.00
AAR005L Tris-NaCI Buffer, with Albumin - pH 7.4 $81.00
AAR028K Tris-NaCI Buffer - pH 7.4 $83.00
AAR029K Tris EDTA NaCI Buffer - pH 8.4 $76.00
AAR030K Tris NaCI EDTA PEG Buffer - pH 8.40 $86.00
AAR031K Tris NaCI EDTA BSA buffer - pH 8.40 $86.00
A226401-RUO BIOPHEN Edoxaban Calibrator Low $236.90